Sure – it works like this:

Plug & Play lamps (no modification to the fixture) are rated under UL1993 – two categories exist:

  • OOLV – “UL Listed” – lamp list by UL with any ballast to replace a specific legacy lamp type (i.e. CFQ26/W or M59) 
  • OOLV2 – “UL Recognized” – lamp is recognized by UL when mated with a specific ballast that UL tested this lamp with (i.e. Lunera CFL LED Gen 3 Lamp + Hatch HC226PS/UV/D
  • In both cases there is no modification to the fixture and thus the fixture’s UL rating is not affected 

Line Driven lamps (ballast is bypassed) are rated under UL1598

  • The fixture’s basic UL1598 certification is eliminated when the ballast is removed and line voltage is brought to the socket 
  • The UL1598-C.IFAR retrofit kit creates a new UL Listing for the combination of the fixture and the retrofit kit; to make this valid the installation instructions included with the 1598-C lamp must be followed and the label shipped with the retrofit kit indicating that the fixture has been modified must be applied to a visible portion of the fixture